meet the odango hijabi

the odango hijabi (ElleJay!) is a newly reverted Muslim who enjoys cute culture, works to promote advocacy within the disability community through adaptive lifestyle on and its partnered organizations, and is mother to several critters including Nancy, Stanley, Faline, and Carlton. Sherry and Cookies reflects a personal journey of which you are welcome to be a part! Have any suggestions? Send me an email.

What in the world is an odango? Odangos are buns! I used to like wearing them in my hair to achieve a cute style like many characters I like who are strong, young woman who fight for love, friendship, and justice. Now I dress more modestly, and I must cover my hair. I had an idea one day that I could still do this look with hijab, and it worked! Thus, the odango hijabi. <3

Where else can you spot an ElleJay? She's not too hard to find! Take a look: