27 November 2012

It's a Purple Plum Explosion!

This wig is prototype and is the only one in existence at the moment. If you'd like to see it produced, let me know in the comments!
Departing from my scheduled "Part II" post about my trip to Melbourne, I want to chat with you about one of my favourite companies. Way back in February, I posted a review of a local wig company I discovered at Anime Milwaukee: Purple Plum, Inc. / AnimeStuffStore.com. Since then, my collection of Purple Plum Wigs has grown exponentially. I liked them so much that in April I hosted a wig party with their wigs. (It's sort of like when people throw Tupperware or Mary Kay parties. The company comes to your house with their products, you invite your friends, and you shop!)
There are many other wig companies that I like a lot as well, (like Minty Mix and Lockshop,) but there are a few things that I really enjoy about Purple Plum:
This wig makes me feel like a mermaid! You can buy it here.

1. They're fun! 

PP is constantly devising something new, and the variety of colour combinations and styles keeps me wanting more.

2. Excellent customer service

The owners are absolutely wonderful women who are dedicated to their business and meeting the needs of their customers. Whenever I have had a suggestion or question, they have always listened. Shipping is quick and efficient, and if you ever have a problem, they are there to help you out. 

(Although I shouldn't have to say this, I'd like to take this opportunity to express that we have responsibilities as buyers as well. This goes for anywhere you shop. Start any inquiry by treating the seller with respect and doing your best to be an informed buyer. I could talk about this for ages and will probably devote an entry to it soon.)

I think this one easily passes for my natural hair, and it satisfies the urge I occasionally get to cut my actual hair into a bob again. It's also wonderful for vintage looks. You can buy it here.

3. A quality product for the price you pay

These wigs tend to be more affordable when compared to those of other companies in the same general price-range and are of the same quality, if not better. (Of course, this cannot be compared to those companies that use different materials and techniques that cause them to be priced higher.) They are accessible to a wide range of budgets and wear well as long as they are properly maintained.

Let's discuss proper maintenance briefly. Synthetic fibers, no matter which brand turns them into wigs and sells them, are NOT human hair. They will not lay like human hair or move like it. At the end of the day of wearing any synthetic wig, if you haven't worked at keeping it nice, you will have hell to pay in the form of major detangling. When I see negative wig reviews with complaints having to do with how terrible a wig was after a long day at a convention or night out with no indication that the individual did anything to care for the wig while wearing it, I shake my head. 

Of course that will happen. You've been running around, jumping up and down, sweating, the wind is blowing---even your real hair would look awful. Your wig cannot create its own oils, repair itself, or do any of the other miraculous things real hair can. That said, here are a few things I do to help keep my wigs looking neat:
I wore this lovely wig when I modeled in the Angelic Pretty Fashion Show at Anime Central this year. It actually belongs to my friend Brienna, but now I really want one too. I think this style is currently out of stock.

1. Brush, but not too much

Brushing your wig at the end of every wear is very important. Start by tightly gripping the fibers near the ends, and brush through the ends. Little by little, work your way higher up the wig making sure to maintain a firm grip right above the area where you are brushing, and always brush towards the ends, not away from them. I emphasize the grip so much because not doing so could result in ripping the fibers from the wefts or damaging the wefts themselves. Brushing too often, however, will damage the fibers as well, which leads me to the next tip...

2. Use your hands!

Finger-combing through your wig will save it a lot of strife and make it last a lot longer. Do this gently and often throughout the day, and concentrate on one knot at a time. Like with brushing, start at the ends, always in a downward motion, and make your way up the wig.

3. Keep it in front, especially if it's long

This isn't so much a concern for bobs or other shorter styles, but I like to keep the fibers equally distributed on each shoulder or completely on one shoulder. When wig hair lays on your back for long periods of time, it is more prone to tangle just from normal movement or interaction with your garments. (Lolita fashion has many elements on which it can catch and become stuck.) Doing this also helps you access it more easily to finger-comb.

4. Keep those nets and bags or use a display head!

The way you store your wig will prolong its life as much as how you handle it during use. If you don't have space to keep your wigs on foam heads, (you can find them at beauty supply stores or on Amazon,) always put them back in the bag. (As I typed that, I couldn't help but think of this scene from All of Me.) You'll have even better luck if you keep the netting to place it in before the plastic bag and the tissue to stuff into the cap to help keep its styling and shape.

There are many more methods to maintaining your wig that I'm not as versed in, so I highly suggest researching them more. Shelby Cloud is an expert; I would definitely start by watching her videos. Chokelate is the owner of Lockshop Wigs, so she is also (obviously) an expert and has several useful videos on styling.

I may have exciting wig-related projects coming up in the near future, so keep an eye on Sherry and Cookies to find out first. Until then, you can check out some of the other Purple Plum wigs I have here, and anything new I get, I usually post photos to my Facebook straightaway. Have you purchased any wigs from Purple Plum lately? Are there any styles or colours you would like to see from them in the future? Share your pictures and suggestions in the comments! 

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