27 March 2012

What the heck is going on, ElleJay?!

As you may notice, Sherry and Cookies is undergoing a makeover! Things may be a little wonky as I mess around, but soon everything should be aesthetically pleasing. ^_^;

One thing I won't be able to make much headway on is the size of videos and pictures in old posts. I had to size them super small previously because my old layout was...*special*. BUT, going forward, there will be normal sized things that you won't have to click on to actually see.

Thank you for your patience!


Additionally, now I need to reinstall Disqus so all of your comments are temporarily gone. ;-;


Disqus successfully reinstalled, but it doesn't like to show the number of comments on the main page. You have to click on each entry and scroll down to see the comments. You would normally have to do that, but for some reason it's just not counting them. I will investigate this.

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