20 February 2012

Random Acts of ElleJay: "Ragejoy" on Valentine's Day

When I was in high school, I had this on again, off again thing with a boy. Making romantic plans with this boy did not work out for a particular Valentine’s Day which made me furious, so furious that I vowed to spread my love for the holiday with the rage and passion of one thousand pink, sparkly wildfires throughout my school. I brought bags upon bags of candy and handed pieces out to everyone I saw in the hallways.
My romantic life is one million times less frustrating now that I am married. I never have to worry about not having a Valentine. (This year, I had two---my amazing husband AND my amazing best friend.) Despite this, I still get the excitement of something I like to call “ragejoy”. It’s angry happiness, that devious feeling when you are going to do something nice for someone.

photo 5

One must dress appropriately for such an occasion in pink, red, and sparkles. ;D

I had almost forgotten how much fun ragejoy could be one afternoon on the train to my weekly doctor’s appointment. Contemplating how unfortunate I thought it was that many people give the thumbs down to one of my favourite holidays, the ragejoy began as the little gears in my brain started cranking out ideas of some random acts of ElleJay I could commit.
Luckily for me, there is a convenience store in my train station which happened to have one pack of cute tear-away Valentine cards left! Success! 

photo 1

I may or may not have also indulged in some day-time wine drinking. xD

photo 2

I filled out nine as such,


I wrote a link to my blog to see if any of the people would notice it and reach out to me. Wouldn't that be neat?

photo 3

and decided to give them away to people I thought looked like they needed them the most. I took note of everyone I gave them to:
1. a young man at the train station who wished me happy Valentine's
2. a foreign cab driver trying to explain the concept to a friend on the phone in another language
3. a doorman relatively confused by my outfit.
4. a homeless man who told me I looked nice [I also gave him two dollars.]
5. a woman at an information desk who seemed crabby
6. a man in line at the train station ticket window (on my way home) who told me he liked my outfit
[Attempt for the seventh: elderly couple who refused my Valentine. They are jerks.
Then, a man dressed in Harley Davidson attire made a Bo Beep comment. The elderly couple laughed, further proving that they are jerks.]
7. a very kind young man who talked to me and introduced himself sitting in front of me on the train.
(I ran out of time before I could hand out the last two.)
Overall, it was a very successful Valentine’s Day! I felt like I was able to pleasantly surprise some people, and that made me very happy. You can see what my husband and I did the weekend before in pictures here and the exchanging of presents between my BFF, Victoria Suzanne, and I here and here. [I bought us matching outfits! Pictures of that will come soon.]
How do you feel about Valentine’s Day? Do you think you will feel differently in the future? Did you do anything special? 

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