25 February 2012

For the Frilly Ones Who Heart Dolls

The Easter-Seasonal aisle at Target is an ElleJay magnet; I can never resist it. While browsing the back wall of little, affordable toys for filling baskets, something that somewhat conceptually resembled Pinky.St dolls caught my eye. I picked one up, and I knew I could not leave without all of them. Yes, I have started collecting YET ANOTHER thing--PinyPon Dolls! (For non-Spanish Speakers, this website is great.)

At 2.99 USD for an individual doll, they are super affordable. Like Pinky.St dolls, one can switch around their various parts for nearly endless combinations, driving away the boredom that sometimes comes with having a dissatisfactory amount of accessories. That is one thing these dolls do not lack. Their heads can even be swiveled around for a second facial expression! The only disconcerting part to me is their hollow heads. However, the hairstyles stay on pretty well, so it's not much of a problem.

It seems they are something of a craze in Europe, and I imagine they will reach similar heights here considering the success of other small toys like Squinkies. (I really don't like Squinkies. They are too small for me.) I am usually not a fan of small toys, but these are just tall (~2-3") and dense enough for me to appreciate them. I also appreciate that I can afford many of these at once and (for the moment) have easy access to them, unlike Pinky.St dolls.

While they are new to the U.S. market, they were originally released years ago by Spanish company, Famosa. There was a period of (unknown) time in which they were not sold, and in 2009, they were rereleased into the European market. Two years later, it was decided that Tomy would distribute them in the U.K. (http://www.squidoo.com/pinypon-dolls)

What do you think of PinyPon? Are you already running out the door to your local Target? Do you think they will flourish in the States?

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