11 January 2012

A Peek Inside ElleJay's World: The Pony Room

While I'm working on gathering and organizing submissions for this month's LaL, I thought you might find a peek inside my house and other favourite places amusing. I will be moving homes very soon, so this is going to be rather sentimental for me, (surprise, surprise).

I will not be moving very far at all, and this is something for which I have been pining--a single family home! Right now, we live in a town home, and we have really outgrown the place. (AKA: The ponies took over.) The house we are buying is adorable, and it is a six minute walk from where I work, so it is very much a dream come true.

Regardless, there are a lot of memories in this house, and I would like to share with you the fondest ones in pictures. I will start with the Pony Room, my little sanctuary.

(P.S. You may notice a great number fewer My Little Ponies than usual. Most of them are packed. ;-; Also, I did not photograph the large majority of my dolls because I would like to save a separate post for them.)

(Click on each one to enlarge it if you like.)

Pink Vintage Chair

Gold Vintage Chair

These two chairs frame the window. I transplant my stuffed friends when I feel like reading, knitting, or just relaxing in one of them.

The Keyboard

This keyboard was a gift from my Nani. It has 88 weighted keys so that it has the physical feel of a piano. I took lessons for a long time but did not get very far considering. One of my resolutions for 2012 is to start practicing again.

Nani's Buddha

This was my Nani's Buddha statue. She was Roman Catholic like I am, but she had a deep respect for many other religions. She was (and still is) one of the greatest influences and role models in my life. Many of the pieces that made me are really pieces of her. (She put the little bonnet on him.)

One of the Bookcases

I just organized the books in this case by subject then author. In the new house, I want to go so far as to label them and Dewey the Non-Fiction. Also seen here are many of the types of dolls I collect. Some of the Momiji dolls and Mini Lalaloopsies were given to me by friends and my husband.

The Desk

My desk is from IKEA and has "love" written on it in different languages. It looks like a tornado of cute happened on it which is exactly the way I like it. 

Pastel, Fuzzy, Winged Friend

This little guy is so funny. He was given to me by my dear friend, Emma. When you squeeze him he shakes and makes a twittering noise. I clipped my fuzzy Chocomint pin/barrette to his fur.

PM Pals and Ponies That Remain

Above the Pink Macaroon ponies' heads are the MLPs that have yet to be packed. Soon, they will all be in boxes. *sigh* I will survive.

Yellow Roses

As I have mentioned before, I am an only child, so my friends are my family.  On my wall,  I have posted a few notes, pictures, and birthday cards they have sent or given to me. Each one is very special; I could never dispose of even a simple card from an important person.

Where is your sanctuary? Do you have more than one? Send me pictures! I'd love to see them~


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