27 December 2011

My Sugary Sweetest Dreams Come True!

Everyone knows by now that I am mega-obsessed with sparkles, unicorns, and everything having to do with the Lolita brand, Pink Macaroon. Back in May, I collaborated with PM for the GLW Summer shoot and was lucky to have modelled its goods! Since then, many of the brand’s products have appeared in my pictures, but never on an official basis.
As an aspiring model, I needed to evolve myself. I couldn’t keep doing the same kind of work for only one organisation of people. That’s boring, and it’s selling myself short. The only way I could progress was to take initiative. After contacting various independent designers to see if they had any work for me to do, I received a lot of good response. I’ll be doing work for TOMO in the future, and my last shoot was partly for MintyMix’s Customer Gallery. (MintyMix already has tons of amazing reviews, and I share that positive sentiment wholeheartedly. They are by far my new favourite major Lolita brand of wig.)
Most thrilling for me was the news back from the one independent designer I love the most---Pink Macaroon! It feels very odd for me to say since I in no way feel deserving/qualified enough for the title, but I am now PM’s official spokesmodel. If it were a world in which Pink Macaroon is a kingdom of mystical creatures where humans worship them and tend to their every need, I would feel like the Royal Keeper of the Unicorns. xD (Maybe I feel that way regardless since that fairly accurately describes my world.)
I have done two shoots for the brand now, and it is definitely the most fun I have ever had with modelling. Not only are the products magically sweet but so is the designer, Sarah Ruth! She is such a lovely friend to have and is the most easy-going (and most adorable) client I have had the pleasure of working with.
I won’t show you all of the photos yet since I still may want to edit them more, take individual shots of the ponies, and would like to leave the official releasing to PM. Until then, here’s a preview! (HINT: Two of the mystery Unicorn bags will be available for sale!)

The present my parents gave me for Christmas this year could not have happened at a better time! While I am often compensated for the modelling I do, I am not a professional model. I am not good enough yet, and it's definitely not my full time gig. Because of this, I frequently have to pay for my photo-shoots. However, money is tight after the holidays, and I could not afford a shoot I had scheduled for later this month.
The Canon EOS REBEL T3i totally takes care of this problem, thankfully! My knowledge of photography is very limited at best, though I am fairly good at tinkering and figuring things out on my own. I am infinitely lucky and thrilled that this camera has very little learning curve and that I have been able to get some not-totally-crappy shots. For this shoot, I tried to convey whimsy and joy in a fairy tale sort of way. I hope I was successful in this endeavour!
My goal for the new year is to get the point where I can do ALL of my own photography and actually become a proficient photographer. For a silly person just futzing around, I'm pretty happy with the results thus far.
My first shoot for PM was shot by Michael Kostopoulos. I work with him frequently, and it’s always an enjoyable experience. He is very friendly, and I feel very comfortable with him. The theme was “Cuddle Up with Pink Macaroon This Winter!” What better way to spend a chilly day then snuggling with your favourite Unicorn or Pegasus pal? The theme for this shoot was more casual. Cute can definitely be cozy, too!

Floating in A Cloud of Sugary Sweetness!

Two Heads Are Better Than One!

Cuddle Up with Pink Macaroon This Winter!

Mermaid Bunka Doll by Pink Macaroon Clothing

The gears of my mind are already cranking for the next shoot, though I am not sure when it will be. I plan on taking a trip to a photography supply store to get one of those handheld remotes so that timing is easier and a muslin or paper backdrop. The dream for far in the future would be my own external lighting, but I don’t even want to begin researching pricing for that.
Thank you all so much for sharing in my journey. Your love and support is more than I could ask for! Expect something new and exciting in 2012 for Sherry and Cookies that puts the spotlight on you!

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