29 December 2011

Lolita a Lolita

Lolita a Lolita: Let’s Have a Conversation

That said, let’s talk! The theme/prompt for January is “It’s Not a Secret That...”. You fill in the blank! What has been troubling you in the world of Lolita? What questions have you wanted answered? Is there something you have been itching to express?
Here are the rules:
  1. Keep it fairly original. The Great Replica Debate is an old and tired subject. You know the others.
  2. Be respectful. No naming names. No endless rants about how much you dislike “someone who won’t be named”/why you think someone is awful. Keep away from the rumour mill.  
  3. PG-13 please! Sherry and Cookies is pretty much a family friendly place. Sexually explicit entires will not be accepted. (This doesn’t mean you can’t talk about sex/sexuality.) Keep swearing/cursing to a minimum. Mature topics are welcomed and encouraged, but if they are not expressed with maturity, they will not be accepted.
  4. Self-Identify. It is preferred that you do not send in an entry anonymously. However, if the subject you want to discuss is very sensitive, and if you really do not feel comfortable identifying yourself completely, I understand and will consider your entry.
All entries must be submitted by Friday, January 27th 2012. The feature, which will be either in vlog or blog format, (depending on the chosen entries,) will be posted on Friday, February 3 2012. The February prompt will be posted the same day.
I don’t expect anything will change overnight or even in a few months, but at least you’ll have the chance to be heard. My main goal with this is to open doors and for us to begin some meaningful conversations with each other in a mature, open, and respectful way.
I also understand that this isn’t something that everyone will be interested in because it is difficult to share things over the Internet. There is the fear and possibility that people may not have nice things to say about it, so to those who would like to participate, I appreciate your bravery. If your entry is accepted, I’ll send you a little token of my appreciation in the form of a goodie bag. n_n
Please send your entries to: ellejay@sherryandcookies.com For videos, please upload to YouTube and send me the link. If you’d like to include a photo of yourself to accompany your entry, you can attach it to the email or send me a link wherever it is hosted.

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