07 December 2011

Another Song with Frills!

For over a year, I thought it would be a hilarious idea to write Lolita parodies so we can all laugh at the sometimes ridiculous nature of our subculture. I began by writing an anthem to the Usakumya, but I didn't "widely" release it until I saw how well-received MC Melod¥ Doll's, Throw It In the Bag became. I was extremely surprised when people also liked mine since the quality is so inferior. While my recording equipment is less than amazing, I am still motivated to write these type of songs.

Last night, I cranked out some lyrics I'd be thinking about for a while and recorded the song today. (If you're curious I use a MXL 990 recording microphone with a Digidesign MBox 2 and Garageband.) It's a song about the horror and hilarity of being posted on one of the boards where the Internet goes to die. If you have ever been posted there, I hope this makes you laugh a little and helps make the experience a little less grizzly.

I plan on writing an entire album of Lolita Parodies entitled, "Songs with Frills."

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